“Thank you for the show. It was so lovely. My little girl, who can get overwhelmed in crowds, very much enjoyed it. She kept sticking her tongue out to taste the music.”


“Our organization Thingyverse is committed to creating art, not edutainment, for babies,” Lee said. “We approach children as not just ‘becomings’ towards the next phase of life, but ‘beings’ who have a right to their own cultural experience.”

Two Local Moms Create Opera for Babies: The More You Look
Roxanne Ray, International Examiner

“Can we make interesting, experimental, and artistically rigorous theater for an age group that a lot of artists tend to overlook?” This April, The More You Look becomes one of five pieces by local artists in the Small Human Festival, the first contemporary theater festival in the U.S. meant for kids three and under.

The Small Human Festival Is Exactly What It Sounds Like
Stephan Milne, Seattle Met

Babies and contemporary performance might seem like totally different worlds, but they are really a natural fit. Both are about risk-taking, boundary testing, and meaning-making; at the core both are driven by curiosity and imagination. Learning happens, and perhaps even more meaningfully, in the ‘not knowing’ space, a space where observation, experimentation, and creativity exist. It’s where artists thrive. It’s where babies live. 

Susie Lee and the Small Human Festival, a Festival for Actual Babies
Sarah E. Miller, Lonely Arts Club Seattle

The Cloud Room Podcast
Interview with Susie Lee